PDF not rendering signature


I have a pdf document with a signature but pdfjsexpress renders a ‘sign here’ annotation instead of the signature.

If you open the document on the desktop you can see the signature on the pdf document.

pdfjsexpress version used: 8.0.0

background-check-consent-form.pdf (175.5 KB)

issue happening on version 8.1.0

Hi there,

Two things here:

  1. This seems to be an issue related to this specific file - as I cannot reproduce the problem with other signed documents. Ill try and see whats going on there.

  2. Express does not directly support opening documents with signatures already baked into them. In order to support this use case you must use our extract XFDF rest API (you can try it for free) to extract the XFDF and then import it into WebViewer.

The example at the bottom of the page should help you get started.