PDF preview - layered image behaviour


We have PDFs being uploaded to the viewer which look to have a single solid image when viewed in a local viewer (Adobe, Chrome etc). The image is made up of various image objects layered over each other.

When rendered in a preview window by PDFJS express, the images have white lines between them instead of appearing as that solid image.

I’m looking to see whether this is expected behaviour, or if there is any way for us to remove those white lines from appearing between the image objects. I’ve attached a sample PDF that has a solid image when loaded in a local viewer, but white lines in the PDFJS preview.

Hunter Clothing - Informal Financial Report (PDF opt) (1).pdf (53.9 KB)

Hello fuse,

Thank you for reaching out, I was able to see this. This is actually a rendering issue in PDF.JS, you can see it in their viewing sample as well: PDF.js viewer

Apryse’s WebViewer with in-house rendering engine actually renders this PDF correctly though: https://showcase.apryse.com/

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To Support Team,

Is this something that can be addressed or fixed somehow?