PDFJS Express - createSignHereElement

I am trying the “createSignHereElement” code snippet. I copied it on one of the index.js files, but I don’t see the “SignHere” element on my page. I am trying to recreate what they showed here https://pdfjs.express/documentation/signature/signature-field . Can someone help with this?

const createSignHereElement = Annotations.SignatureWidgetAnnotation.prototype.createSignHereElement;

Annotations.SignatureWidgetAnnotation.prototype.createSignHereElement = () => {
// signHereElement is the default one with dark blue background
const signHereElement = createSignHereElement.apply(this, arguments);

signHereElement.style.background = ‘red’;
return signHereElement;


That API just changes the styling of the sign here elements that are created by the viewer. This does not add a sign here element to the PDF. For that API to do anything, the document has to have a sign here element already in it.

Express does not support form creation. If you need this functionality, check out our sister product, PDFTron WebViewer.


Good to know. Thanks Logan, you’ve been very helpful.