TextHighlight annotation displays the text snippet incorrect for Greek

For documents in Greek, when I create a TextHiglight annotation, the text in the annotation snippet looks like broken encoding:

An example of the document: https://developer.apple.com/support/downloads/terms/schedules/Schedule-2-and-3-20230828-Greek.pdf

PDFjs version:

  1. Build: “MS8yMC8yMDIzfGIzYTExOTI2Yw==”
  2. Core version: “8.7.1”
  3. Full API: false
  4. UI version: “8.7.0”
  5. WebViewer Server: false
  6. webviewer.min.js: “8.7.1”

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting the bug, we will add this to our backlog for the product team to review.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim