Generating a key for a domain

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PDF.js Express Version

Detailed description of issue
I cannot generate a license key for a domain name as it says I don’t need to include subdomains but the root domain is actually (it only accepts as the domain but leaves a watermark on the PDF when I use that and test it).

Expected behaviour
No watermark in the PDF viewer

Does your issue happen with every document, or just one?
All documents

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A license key for subdomains is not required. Please enter your root domain (for example, “”). Your license key will work on the root domain as well as any of its subdomains.

Please enter the root domain you wish to use this license on (your key works on a root domain name and any of its subdomains): This change will take effect immediately. Please ensure this license key is not currently deployed anywhere on

Hey there!

Sorry about that! I pushed a fix for this issue - you should be able to get you key now.


Hi Logan,

Thanks for the fix. I have now updated the key I was testing with to the correct domain but it is still showing the watermark when I run it in the production environment. Is there something I need to clear or update my end to get it working?



Hey there,

Are you still seeing the issue?