Loading annotations without reloading webviewer

I want to display Notes messages when i hover on a sticky icon. Whenever i post new message,i always need to reload webviewer to load annotations and display updated data on hover.
Is there any way to reload annotations without reloading webviewer?

Hi there,

The UI will update automatically when you create a new annotation/comment, so you should not have to reload.

If you are creating the annotations programatically, you can call annotManager.redrawAnnotation to refresh the annotation.

If you are talking about loading annotations from a server that other people create, there are a few strategies you could take. One is polling the server every X second for new annotations. If there are new ones, download them and use importXFDF or importAnnotCommand to load them on the fly.

You could also use websockets to enable realtime communication between your server and client, and then follow the same strategy as above.