Print function not working properly when using large files


I’m facing an issue regarding PDF.js Express version 8.7

When trying to export a document more than 30MB long, specifically those which contain a large amount of images, the print function located in the settings menu doesn’t work properly. Besides taking too long to process the document, it also leaves many blank pages, neither printing any annotations made in that page, nor the content of the page itself.

I was wondering whether this issue is performance-related, or if it’s due to using the free trial version of the product. I would also want to know if there is any other way to export a PDF file with all its annotations on it, because I don’t really want to print the file but just download it.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to your response.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to pdf.js express forums,

We will add the print issues to our backlog.

To merge the annotations with the document, you will need to use the merge API as shown in this guide:

Then calling the downloadPdf API should include the annotations.

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Kevin Kim