Some items in the PDF do not appear

I have a PDF that has a line and the line do not appear after the conversion.

Hey there!

I’ll need a bit more information in order to help you.

  1. What conversion are you talking about? Are you using the PDF.js Express API?
  2. Are you able to send me the document? This would help a lot in debugging


Yes I am using PDF.js.
And this bug is not present with pdftron onlly with PDF.js

Here is the PDF:

At question 8, there is a refdline that is displayed in the PDF but not with PDF.js


(Attachment a.pdf is missing)

Hey, looks like the file attachment didn’t work for some reason.
Would you be able to upload the PDF to Google Drive or Dropbox and share the public URL with me?


Hi , I am trying to use PDF.js Express, but some of the items in my PDF didn’t appear.
I have a editable forms pdf which has some text on top corner … those text are not displayed on the viewer.

Here is the link to the PDF:

I try with the viewer of pdftron and it works correctly. Is this the same reader ?

I am using the sample code base shared over your website

I just replaced and rendered my pdf file and not able to view few of the items on pdf


Hey there,

When I open the file in PDFTron WebViewer I do not see a red line on question 8. Can you send a screenshot of the expected results?

Would you be able to share the document with us and let us know what is missing? A screenshot of the expected result would be useful.

Thank you,

Hi ,
The pre populated (read only) text in pdf is not visible . Screenshot attached : Highlighted red one text are not seen.


Hey, thank you for the screenshot.

Would you be able to share this document with us? Or a similar document where you can reproduce the issue?