Watermark shows for some users

Detailed description of issue
We are using pdf.js express to show PDFs to users. We are currently on the 7.0.0 version of the product. After applying our license key, most users stopped seeing the watermark that shows on PDFs prior to purchasing a license. However, some users still kept seeing the watermark. Those users were advised to clear browser cache, cookies, etc. but this did not resolve the issue. In addition, some users stopped seeing the watermark after we upgraded to. 7.0.0, but days/weeks/months later had the watermark return. Once a user starts seeing the watermark, they continue seeing the watermark. It does not revert to normal once the session or browser is closed.

The issue occurs for all PDFs, we have experienced it for all common browsers, and it occurs on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Expected behaviour
All users should stop seeing the watermark once we apply the license key.

Link to document
Sorry, all documents are behind a login that we cannot provide to third parties.

Code snippet
UI version: 7.0.0
Core version: 7.0.0
Build: Ny8yNy8yMDIwfGU4NWY2OTY=
WebViewer Server: false
Full API: false

Please advise on what we can do to correct this issue either globally or user-by-user. Thank you!

Hey there!

There are a few steps we can take to figure this out. I checked the server logs and don’t see anything unusual, but I’ll do a bit of a deeper dive tomorrow.

We recently released patch 7.0.1 which fixes a rare edge case regarding watermarks, more info can be found here. Upgrading to this version might help.

One other thing to note is that an internet connection is required to verify the license key. If a user loses connection to the internet a watermark might be displayed.

If you have any “tech saavy” users, would you be able to ask them if there are any errors in the console when they do see the watermark,

Could you also get them to verify that the request to auth.pdfjs.express is returning a 200 response and is not erroring?

We’ll do our best to resolve this ASAP!


Thank you Logan! We’ll try upgrading to 7.0.1 and checking the console/network debug output with a few internal people that were seeing the watermark. Thank you very much for the quick response.

Hi Logan,

After upgrading from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1, we’re experiencing a javascript error in ExternalPdfPartRetriever.chunk.js. A screenshot of the console output on a local dev machine is attached. The js error occurs when we attempt to load the PDF, not on pageload.

Thank you!


Can you please make sure your cache is cleared. Also please make sure when you upgrade you completely remove all the old WebViewer files before installing the new ones (if you are using a script to copy the static assets to a public folder, make sure you delete the public folder before reinstalling).

If that doesn’t work let me know!